"Quality Makes All the Difference"

Lamb Jerky and Lamb Stix



 Frank's Original Lamb Jerky  is our newest product officially "on the market"!  Such good flavor with a hint of sweet teriyaki and black pepper combination. This quality jerky is cured without nitrates and does not contain any MSG. Such a natural, healthy protein source.  This will be your new favorite snack.  Great for hunting or fishing trips, after school snacks, at your favorite sporting event or after a work out at the gym.  



Lamb Stix are  lamb jerky sticks and are made with lamb and seasonings and cured, so they are shelf stable. (no refrigeration needed).  What a great snack, and they are so tasty!  We have 2 wonderful flavors:  Teriyaki and Spicy Pepper.  
  Pack includes 2-9 inch sticks.  Call for prices.
LAMB STIX are unlike any other competing jerky product.  Rather than using undesirable portions of the animal, we use the most prime cuts in order to provide you with a truly special snack.  From juicy leg of lamb, to succulent shank, to delicious rack of lamb, this product contains all of your favorite lamb cuts in a convenient form for you to enjoy while either on the go or in the comfort of your home.
    We know you will appreciate this high quality lamb which was raised without hormones.  Each stick has been created with care for your well being and delight.  ENJOY!!