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Our Lamb

Care, Cost and Cuts


Frank's family has been raising sheep in the Central Valley of California for four generations where the grasses on the hills have assisted them in raising quality natural lamb. Frank and his family now sell their products directly to consumers who appreciate locally-grown, young premium  lamb.  Frank's Basque Family Farm's  lamb has a distinctive, mild flavor,  primarily due to the mother's milk, the quality natural feeds, and fresh water that they are provided. The operation is a closed end farm in that every ewe in the flock has been born and raised under the careful watch of  Frank and his family. This sets us apart from so many others!  Most lamb marketers purchase lambs from different farms around the country which leads to variations in breed, age, size, flavor, and tenderness of the meat. Frank has extended the herd's breeding cycle to provide consistent premium lamb all year for our customer's convenience.  We offer free local delivery (within 30 miles from Tracy/Stockton, CA) and can ship anywhere in the U.S. for an additional fee.
On average, a three ounce serving of lamb has only 175 calories and it meets the Food and Drug Administration's definition of  "lean".  Lamb contains many essential nutrients.  Lamb is an excellent source of protein, vitamin B-12, niacin, zinc and selenium and a good source of iron and riboflavin. There are so many delicious cuts of lamb, not only the leg and the crown roast. 

If you prefer to have your own butcher cut and wrap our lamb, just call us and we will give you the price for the lamb carcass and if there will be a delivery fee to take it to your butcher. 

USDA Approved
Our lamb is USDA inspected and label approved.

Whole Lamb- cut and wrapped at USDA facility to your specifications:  $347
( All that money does not go to us:  We need to pay the USDA $40 for the harvest cost and a minimum of $80 for the cut and wrap. )

Half Lamb-cut and wrapped to your specifications:  $182

Ground Lamb is available separately for $11/lb. (ground from the whole lamb, not just the off-cuts)

Whole carcass price:  $272  (for use in roasting on a spit or cutting it yourself)

Cuts you can get from lamb:
Leg of lamb (Bone in, boneless, or Leg steaks),  Rack (Rib chops or Rack of Lamb), Loin (Loin chops), Shoulder (Shoulder Chops, Shoulder Roast or Stew).  Always included:  Shanks, Sirloin Chops,Breast Riblets, Boneless Stew and Neck Stew.

A whole butchered lamb, prior to cut and wrap, will be guaranteed to weigh no less than 50 lbs.
The head and offal can be purchased too for a cost of $5.00 for the head and $7.00 for the offal.  Offal includes heart, liver, kidneys and tongue.

If offal is ordered without a lamb meat order, the cost of the offal will be $15 per set.

To order:  All custom cut a wrap orders need at least a 2 week advance notice
Call: (209) 464-6700
E-mail:  lamb@franksbasquefamilyfarm.com

***If you would like to get a list of retail stores in the area that sell our product in smaller portions, please call or  e-mail us!!!

***Lamb recipes are available upon request and with pleasure!